Since 1938

The Chesa Story

Hans Guler, who came from a family of mountain guides, opened the Chesa Grischuna hotel and restaurant in Klosters in 1938. He had commissioned the then very well-known Zurich architect Hermann Schneider, who also designed the Chesa Veglia in St. Moritz, to build the house. An existing, old inn was transformed into a unique «Bündner Haus» with the help of contemporary artists. A few months later, the Second World War broke out...

The Chesa Grischuna is a masterpiece of local craftsmanship and 1930s design. The paintings on the house wall are by Alois Carigiet. Every child in Switzerland knows the Graubünden painter, who illustrated the beguilingly beautiful picture books of Schellen-Ursli and his sister Flurina. More about the «Graubündner Haus» Chesa Grischuna:

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